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The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.
Emile Zola

Lene ZachariassenLene Zachariassen

My name is Lene Zachariassen and I was born the year of 1961 in Norway. My childhood flourished in West Africa, but I moved to Iceland in 1981.

I was a farmer in Sk├ş├░adal until the year of 2000 where I used the time, sometimes, to explore old practices; including horsehair work and leather tanning.

Lene ZachariassenAfter that, I made my way down to the sea side, Hjalteyri, where I am now with a studio in the old herring barracks (S├şldarkastalinn).

In my studio I tan skins by old methods with hands - I use time as a tool. Sheep-, horse-, cow- and seal-skins come alive again with soft hands and mind.

My projects and work are born from different raw materials which are processed locally. The projects are performed in Hjalteyri from start to finish and they tell by themselves a story. Old horsehair-work in Iceland has long been a big factor in my creativity. I often interface skins and horse hair together in the works.

Skins and horse hair materials are often wasted in the society today. But they tell us the story about the country. For me it is important to keep this up and relayed by experience and education.

Lene Zachariassen